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Archive SPECIAL EVENT: Tampa Squadron Welcomes RADM Smith

Mc Dill AFB, 10 MAY 2001

The Gulfstream Panthers have been invited by Slim Russell, CO, to attend a luncheon meeting on 10 MAY at Mc Dill AFB's Officers's Club sponsored by his Golden Pelican Squadron. Slim will introduce RADM P.D. Smith to the group, who will be the featured speaker. There also will be a formal recommendation that the Tampa unit should be formed as a separate squadron from the Sarasota parent for the same reasons to those of our own action. Bo Heininger will be the new squadron CO, a job familiar to him since he was the father of the Golden Pelican years ago. Julie and I expect to attend, and are looking for some couples to join with us in welcoming RADM Smith, cheering Bo Heininger's action, and meeting fellow ANA members.

Joel Jacobs

FROM: Slim Russell, Golden Pelican's CO

10 MAY Mc Dill AFB Golden Pelican Meeting

We will join together at 1130 hrs at the Mc Dill's Officer Club on the 10th, upstairs at the Daedalian Room. Guards at the Gate will give you directions..about 2 miles or so along the water and a sign to the Club which is only about 300 feet off the perimeter road. Call Mc Dill's Protocol Office at 813-828- 2056 and they have great quarters for married couples who are retired, etc. There are VIP quarters for 06's and above. There are many motels along Dale Mabrey Blvd leading to the Base south of town for those not eligible for housing. Take Highway 4 to Dale M. and left (South) to Mc Dill, Look forward to seeing you .

Slim Russell, CO, Golden Pelicans

Schedule of Events:

CO Russell will welcome Admiral. Smith aboard. He will then review the recommendation for the formation of the Tampa Squadron as a separate entity from Sarasota. Bo Heininger, prospective CO of the Tampa unit, will be introduced. Bo not only set up the Golden Pelican's Squadron years ago, but is the father of the new Tampa squad as well.

Joel Jacobs

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