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Archive USCGA JAZZ Band Dinner Dance 14 MAR

USCGA JAZZ Band Dinner Dance,
14 March 2001

Julie, RADM "Swoose" & Bette (Top) Peggy, Ron & Dorie (Bottom)

Julie, RADM "Swoose" & Bette (Top)
Peggy, Ron & Dorie (Bottom)

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Ron & Dorie, RADM Bill, Julie, Joel, Junai (Top)
Bill & Dottie, NLUS Sea Cadet & Julie (Bottom)

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The Sea Cadet Color Guard & USCGA Band Top)
RADM "Swoose" & Bette; Keith & Suan (Bottom)

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RADM Bill, USCGA Cadet, Hank (Top)
Hank, Grandaughter, Laura, & Peggy (Bottom)