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This was an exceptional contest. Eight entries were received in total. A substantial improvement over the first contest in which there were only two. Two entries came from non-squadron members. One entry came from far away Warminster, PA. It was submitted by CAPT Dave Speidel, an old friend of Cliff Rigsbee who was trying to locate him. Dave was one of the two entrants who identified the plane's builder, and its name correctly, but failed to give its designation. John Magnon was the other. Two entrants gave complete answers.

The winner is:

Buck Buchanan our inimitable Silver Eagle who I have never known to be wrong when it come to plane facts.

Denny Sherman, a non-member, former midget aircraft racer, and noted collector and seller of historic warbirds also submitted a correct answer, but at a much later date.


Certificate, including a patch of fabric, of the SB2A Brewster Buccaneer as submitted by Cliff Rigsbee. Nick Name: "Beast".

Entrants, for future reference, look for some tell-tale feature. In this case, the tail configuartion of the mystery plane is just like that of the more well known Brewster Buffalo. Once you identify the plane's builder, a web search for that manufacturer will bring up results that will ultimately identify this model and its details.


There are no requirements for entering this contest. Anyone can participate. ANA member or not. The award will be an appropriate prize with the winner's name and details about this aircraft. The award will be presented at the Third Annual Gala on 15 JAN 2002. If the winner doesn't attend, the award will be mailed for a nominal fee. Therefore, enter the contest NOW! In the event of a tie, the entry with the earliest date WINS!


This plane was submitted by CAPT Cliff Rigsbee, '51, USN (Ret) who should know. His last two jobs were that of Assistant Commander for Research and Development, Naval Air Systems Command (AIR-03), after serving as Commander, Naval Air Development Center.

BELOW: Cliff's Photo



Above: Archive Photo