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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aces

The Navy Department has never officially compiled or issued a list of "Aces". During World War II, the war period with the largest number of aerial shoot downs for naval flyers, the Navy did not keep an overall record of individual scores in aerial combat, hence, there is no official list of confirmed shoot-downs.
The most comprehensive work done on Navy and Marine Corps World War II Aces was written and published by Mr. Frank Olynyk. His two books are USN Credits for the Destruction of Enemy Aircraft in Air-to-Air Combat World War 2, Victory List No. 2, published in 1982, and USMC Credits for the Destruction of Enemy Aircraft in Air-to-Air Combat World War 2.
In 1986 the Naval Aviation News magazine published a list of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aces that had been compiled by Mr. Olynyk. The following list of Aces, as published by the magazine in 1986, includes Mr. Olynyk's World War II list and also those from World War I, Korea, and Vietnam:

     Name                         Service
                           (Time Frame is WW-II, unless indicated otherwise)
                           * Aces with 15 kills or more.
                           ** Unconfirmed as aces in WW-II.
                           *** Ace status acquired from combined kills of WW-II and Korea.
                           *    Aldrich, Donald N.            USMC
                           Alley, Stuart C., Jr.         USMC
                           Amsden, Benjamin C.           USN
                           Anderson, Alexander L.        USN
                           Anderson, Robert H.           USN
                           ***  Andre, John W,                USMC
                           Axtell, George C.             USMC
                           Bailey, Oscar C.              USN
                           Baird, Robert                 USMC
                           *    Baker, Douglas                USN
                           Baker, Robert M.              USMC
                           Bakutis, Fred E.              USN
                           Balch, Donald L.              USMC
                           Baldwin, Frank B.             USMC
                           Balsiger, Henry W.            USN
                           Banks, John L.                USN
                           Barackman, Bruce M.           USN
                           Bardshar, Frederic A.         USN
                           Bare, James D.                USN
                           Barnard, Lloyd G.             USN
                           Barnes, James M.              USN
                           Bartol, John W.               USN
                           **   Bassett, Edgar R.             USN
                           Bate, Oscar M., Jr.           USMC
                           Batten, Hugh N.               USN
                           Bauer, Harold W.              USMC
                           Beatley, Redman C.            USN
                           Beaudry, Paul H. N.           USN
                           Beebe, Marshall U.            USN
                           Berkheimer, Jack S.           USN
                           Berree, Norman R.             USN
                           Bertelson, Richard L          USN
                           **   Billo, James D.               USN
                           Bishop, Walter D.             USN
                           Blackburn, John T.            USN
                           **   Blair, Foster J.              USN
                           Blair, William K.             USN
                           Blaydes, Richard B.           USN
                           Blyth, Robert L.              USN
                           Bolduc, Alfred G.             USN
                           Bolt, John F., Jr.            USMC
                           Bolt, John F., Jr.            USMC   Korea
                           Bonneau, William J.           USN
                           Bordelon, Guy P.              USN    Korea
                           Borley, Clarence A.           USN
                           *    Boyington, Gregory            USMC
                           Boyle, Gerald F.              USN
                           Brassfield, Arthur J          USN
                           Braun, Richard L.             USMC
                           Brewer, Charles W.            USN
                           Bridges, Johnnie J.           USNR
                           Bright, Mark K.               USN
                           Brocato, Samuel J.            USN
                           Brown, Carl A., Jr.           USN
                           Brown, William P., Jr         USMC
                           Bruneau, Paul J.              USN
                           Brunmier, Carland E.          USN
                           Bryce, James A.               USN
                           Buchanan, Robert L.           USN
                           Buie, Paul D.                 USN
                           Burckhalter, William E.       USN
                           Burley, Frankln N.            USN
                           Burnett, Roy O., Jr.          USN
                           Burriss, Howard M.            USN
                           **   Bushner, Frances X.           USN
                           *    Byrnes, Matthew S., Jr.       USN
                           Cain, James B.                USN
                           Carey, Henry A., Jr.          USN
                           Carl, Marion E.               USMC
                           Carlson, Robert B.            USN
                           Carlton, William A            USMC
                           Carmichael, Daniel, Jr.       USN
                           Carr, George R.               USN
                           Carroll, Charles H.           USN
                           Case, William N.              USMC
                           Caswell, Dean                 USMC
                           Chambers, Cyrus Jr.           USN
                           Champion, Henry K.            USN
                           Chandler, Creighton           USMC
                           Check, Leonard J.             USN
                           Chenoweth, Oscar I., Jr       USN
                           Clark, Lawrence A.            USN
                           Clark, Robert A.              USN
                           Clarke, Walter E.             USN
                           Clements, Robert E.           USN
                           Clements, Donald C.           USN
                           Coats, Robert C.              USN
                           Coleman, Thaddeus T., Jr,     USN
                           Coleman, William M.           USN
                           Collins, William M., Jr.      USN
                           Conant, Arthur R.             USMC
                           Conant, Edwin S.              USN
                           Conger, Jack E.               USMC
                           Conroy, Thomas J.             USN
                           Copeland, William E.          USN
                           Cordray, Paul                 USN
                           Cormier, Richard L.           USN
                           **   Cornell, Leland B.            USN
                           Cowger, Richard D.            USN
                           Cozzens, Melvin               USN
                           Craig, Clement M.             USN
                           Cronin, Donald F.             USN
                           Crosby, John T.               USN
                           Crowe, William E.             USMC
                           Cunningham, Daniel G.         USN
                           Cunningham, Randall H,        USN  Vietnam
                           Cupp, James N.                USMC
                           Dahms, Kenneth J.             USN
                           Davenport, Merl W.            USN
                           Davidson, George H.           USN
                           Davies, Clarence E.           USN
                           Davis, Leonard K.             USMC
                           Davis, Robert H.              USN
                           Dean, William A., Jr.         USN
                           Dear, John W., Jr.            USN
                           De Blanc, Jefferson J.        USMC
                           De Cew, Leslie                USN
                           ***  Delong, Philip C.             USMC
                           Denman, Anthony J.            USN
                           Denoff, Reuben H.             USN
                           Devine, Richard O.            USN
                           Dewing, Lawrence A.           USN
                           Dibb, Robert A. M.            USN
                           Dillard, Joseph V.            USMC
                           Dillow, Eugene                USMC
                           Dobbin, John F.               USMC
                           Donahue, Archie G.            USMC
                           Doner, Landis E.              USN
                           Dorroh, Jefferson D.          USMC
                           Doyle, Cecil J.               USMC
                           Drake, Charles W.             USMC
                           Driscoll, Daniel B. J.        USN
                           Driscoll, William P. (NFO)    USN Vietnam
                           Drury, Frank C.               USMC
                           Drury, Paul E.                USN
                           Duffy, James E.               USN
                           Duncan, George C.             USN
                           Duncan, Robert W.             USN
                           Dungan, Fred L.               USN
                           Dunn, Bernard                 USN
                           Durnford, Dewey F.            USMC
                           Eastmond, Richard T.          USN
                           Eberts, Byron A.              USN
                           **   Eccles, William G             USN
                           Eckard, Bert                  USN
                           Eder, William E.              USN
                           Edwards, William C., Jr.      USN
                           Elliott, Ralph E., Jr.        USN
                           Elwood, Hugh M.               USMC
                           Enman, Anthony J.             USN
                           Erickson, Lyle A.             USN
                           Evenson, Eric A.              USN
                           Everton, Loren D.             USMC
                           Fair, John W.                 USN
                           Farmer, Charles D.            USN
                           Farnsworth, Robert A., Jr.    USN
                           Farrell, William              USMC
                           Fash, Robert P.               USN
                           Fecke, Alfred J.              USN
                           Feightner, Edward L.          USN
                           Ferko, Leo M.                 USN
                           Finn, Howard J.               USMC
                           Fisher, Don H.                USMC
                           **   Flatley, James H., Jr.        USN
                           Fleming, Francis M.           USN
                           Fleming, Patrick D.           USN
                           Flinn, Kenneth A.             USN
                           Foltz, Frank E.               USN
                           Foltz, Ralph E.               USN
                           Fontana, Paul J.              USMC
                           Ford, Kenneth M.              USMC
                           Formanek, George, Jr.         USN
                           Forrer, Samuel W.             USN
                           *    Foss, Joseph J.               USMC
                           Foster, Carl C.               USN
                           Fowler, Richard E., Jr.       USN
                           Franger, Marvin J.            USN
                           Franks, John M.               USN
                           Fraser, Robert B.             USMC
                           Frazier, Kenneth D.           USMC
                           Freeman, Doris C.             USN
                           Freeman, William B.           USMC
                           French, James B.              USN
                           Frendberg, Alfred L.          USN
                           Funk, Harold N.               USN
                           Gabriel, Franklin T.          USN
                           Galer, Robert E.              USMC
                           Galt, Dwight B., Jr.          USN
                           Galvin, John R.               USN
                           Gayler, Noel A. M.            USN
                           Gildea, John T.               USN
                           Gile, Clement D.              USN
                           Gillespie, Roy F.             USN
                           Godson, Lindley W.            USN
                           Gordon, Donald                USN
                           Graham, Vernon E.             USN
                           Gray, James S., Jr.           USN
                           Gray, John F.                 USN
                           Gray, Lester E., Jr.          USN
                           Gregory, Hayden A.            USN
                           Griffin, Richard J.           USN
                           Gustafson, Harlan I.          USN
                           Gutt, Fred E.                 USMC
                           Haas, Walter A.               USN
                           Haberman, Roger A.            USMC
                           Hacking, Albert E., Jr,       USMC
                           Hadden, Mayo A., Jr.          USN
                           Hall, Sheldon O.              USMC
                           Hamblin, Lewis R.             USN
                           Hamilton, Henly B.            USMC
                           Hamilton, Robert M.           USN
                           Hanks, Eugene R.              USN
                           Hansen, Herman, Jr.           USMC
                           *    Hanson, Robert M.             USMC
                           Hardy, Willis E.              USN
                           Hargreaves, Everett C.        USN
                           Harman, Walter R.             USN
                           *    Harris, Cecil E.              USN
                           Harris, Leroy E.              USN
                           Harris, Thomas S.             USN
                           Harris, William H., Jr.       USN
                           Haverland, Charles H., Jr.    USN
                           Hawkins, Arthur R.            USN
                           Hayde, Frank R.               USN
                           Hearrell, Frank C., Jr.       USN
                           Heath, Horace W.              USN
                           Hedrick, Roger R.             USN
                           Heinzen, Lloyd P.             USN
                           Henderson, Paul M., Jr.       USN
                           Henry, William E.             USN
                           Hernan, Edwin J., Jr.         USMC
                           Hibbard, Samuel B.            USN
                           Hildbrandt, Carlos K.         USN
                           Hill, Harry E.                USN
                           Hills, Hollis H.              USN
                           Hippe, Kenneth G.             USN
                           Hoag, John B.                 USN
                           Hoel, Ronald W.               USN
                           Hollowell, George L.          USMC
                           Hood, William L., Jr.         USMC
                           Houck, Herbert N.             USN
                           Hudson, Howard R.             USN
                           Huffman, Charles W., Jr.      USN
                           Humphrey, Robert J.           USN
                           Hundley, John C.              USMC
                           Hurst, Robert                 USN
                           Ingalls, David S.             USN WW-I
                           Ireland, Julius W.            USMC
                           Jaques, Bruce D.              USN
                           Jennings, Robert H., Jr.      USN
                           Jensen, Hayden M.             USN
                           Jensen, Alvin J.              USMC
                           Johannsen, Delmar K.          USN
                           Johnson, Byron M.             USN
                           Johnson, Wallace R.           USN
                           Johnston, John M.             USN
                           Jones, Charles D.             USMC
                           Jones, James M.               USN
                           Kaelin, Joseph                USN
                           Kane, William R.              USN
                           Keith, Leroy W. J.            USN
                           Kendrick, Charles             USMC
                           *    Kepford, Ira C.               USN
                           Kerr, Leslie H., Jr.          USN
                           Kidwell, Robert J.            USN
                           Kincaid, Robert A.            USN
                           Kingston, William J., Jr.     USN
                           Kinsella, James J.            USN
                           Kirk, George N.               USN
                           Kirkpatrick, Floyd C.         USMC
                           Kirkwood, Philip L.           USN
                           Knight, William M.            USN
                           Kostik, William J.            USN
                           Kunz, Charles M.              USMC
                           Laird, Dean S.                USN
                           Laird, Wayne W.               USMC
                           Lake, Kenneth B.              USN
                           ***  Lamb, William E.              USN
                           Lamoreaux, William E.         USN
                           Laney, Willis G.              USN
                           Langdon, Ned W.               USN
                           Leonard, William N.           USN
                           Leppla, John A.               USN
                           Lerch, Alfred                 USN
                           Lillie, Hugh D.               USN
                           Lindsay, Elvin L.             USN
                           Loesch, Gregory K.            USMC
                           Long, Herbert H.              USMC
                           Lundin, Walter A.             USN
                           Lynch, Joseph P.              USMC
                           Maas, John B.                 USMC
                           Mabarry, Lewin A.             USN
                           Magee, Christopher L.         USMC
                           Mahe, Thomas R., Jr.          USMC
                           Mallory, Charles M.           USN
                           Mankin, Lee P., Jr.           USN
                           Mann, Thomas H., Jr.          USMC
                           Manson, Armand G.             USN
                           March, Harry A., Jr.          USN
                           Marontate, William P.         USMC
                           Martin, Albert E., Jr.        USN
                           Masoner, William J., Jr.      USN
                           Maxwell, William R.           USN
                           May, Richard H.               USN
                           May, Earl, Jr.                USN
                           Mazzocco, Michele A.          USN
                           *    McCampbell, David             USN
                           McCartney, Henry A.           USMC
                           McClelland, Thomas G.         USN
                           McClure, Edgar B.             USN
                           McClurg, Robert W.            USMC
                           McCormick, William A.         USN
                           McCuddin, Leo B.              USN
                           McCuskey, Elbert S.           USN
                           McGinty, Selva E.             USMC
                           McGowan, Edward C.            USN
                           McGraw, Joseph D.             USN
                           McKinley, Donald J.           USN
                           McLachlin, William W.         USN
                           McManus, John                 USMC
                           McPherson, Donald M.          USN
                           McWhorter, Hamilton, III      USN
                           Mehle, Roger W.               USN
                           Menard, Louis A., Jr.         USN
                           Mencin, Adolph                USN
                           **   Merritt, Robert S.            USN
                           Michaelis, Frederick H.       USN
                           Miller, Johnnie G.            USN
                           Milton, Charles B.            USN
                           Mims, Robert                  USN
                           Mitchell, Harris E.           USN
                           Mitchell, Henry E., Jr.       USN
                           Mollard, Norman W., Jr.       USN
                           Mollenhauer, Arthur P.        USN
                           Montarpert, John R.           USN
                           Moranville, Horace B.         USN
                           Morgan, John L., Jr.          USMC
                           Morris, Bert D., Jr.          USN
                           Moseley, William C.           USN
                           Mulcahy, Douglas W.           USN
                           Mullen, Paul A.               USMC
                           Munsen, Arthur H.             USN
                           Murray, Robert E.             USN
                           Narr, Joseph L.               USMC
                           Nelson, Robert J.             USN
                           Nelson, Robert K.             USN
                           Noble, Myrvin E.              USN
                           *    Nooy, Cornelius N.            USN
                           Novak, Marvin R.              USN
                           Null, Cleveland L.            USN
                           O'Hare, Edward H.             USN
                           O'Keefe, Jeremiah J.          USMC
                           O'Mara, Paul, Jr.             USN
                           Olander, Edwin L.             USMC
                           Olsen, Austin L.              USN
                           Orth, John                    USN
                           Ostrom, Charles H.            USN
                           Outlaw, Edward C.             USN
                           Overend, Edmund F.            USMC
                           Overton, Edward W., Jr.       USN
                           Owen, Donald C.               USMC
                           Owen, Edward M.               USN
                           Owens, Robert G., Jr.         USMC
                           Parrish, Elbert W.            USN
                           Paskoski, Joseph J.           USN
                           Payne, Frederick R., Jr.      USMC
                           Pearce, James L.              USN
                           Percy, James G.               USMC
                           Philips, David P., III        USN
                           Phillips, Edward A.           USN
                           Phillips, Hyde                USMC
                           Picken, Harvey P.             USN
                           Pierce, Francis E., Jr.       USMC
                           Pigman, George W., Jr.        USN
                           Pittman, Jack, Jr.            USMC
                           Plant, Claude W., Jr.         USN
                           Pond, Zenneth A.              USMC
                           Pool, Tilman E.               USN
                           Pope, Albert J.               USN
                           Porter, Robert B.             USMC
                           Poske, George H.              USMC
                           Post, Nathan T., Jr.          USMC
                           Pound, Ralston M., Jr.        USN
                           Powell, Ernest A.             USMC
                           Prater, Luther D., Jr.        USN
                           Presley, Frank H.             USMC
                           Prichard, Melvin M.           USN
                           Quiel, Norwald R,             USN
                           **   Ramlo, Orvin H.               USMC
                           Reber, James V., Jr.          USN
                           Redmond, Eugene D.            USN
                           Register, Francis R.          USN
                           Rehm, Dan R., Jr.             USN
                           Reidy, Thomas H.              USN
                           Reinburg, Joseph H.           USMC
                           Reiserer, Russell L.          USN
                           Rennemo, Thomas J.            USN
                           Reulet, Joseph E.             USN
                           Revel, Glenn M.               USN
                           Rhodes, Thomas W.             USN
                           Rieger, Vincent A.            USN
                           Rigg, James F.                USN
                           Roach, Thomas D.              USN
                           Robbins, Joe D.               USN
                           Robinson, Leroy W.            USN
                           Robinson, Ross F.             USN
                           Rosen, Ralph J.               USN
                           Ross, Robert P.               USN
                           Rossi, Herman J., Jr.         USN
                           Ruhsam, John W.               USMC
                           Runyon, Donald E.             USN
                           Rushing, Roy W.               USN
                           Sapp, Donald H.               USMC
                           Sargent, John J., Jr.         USN
                           Savage, Jimmie E.             USN
                           Scales, Harrell H.            USN
                           Scarborough, Hartwell V., Jr. USMC
                           Schecter, Gordon E.           USN
                           Schell, John L.               USN
                           Scherer, Raymond F.           USMC
                           Schiller, James E.            USN
                           Schneider, Frank E.           USN
                           Seckel, Albert, Jr.           USN
                           See, Robert B.                USMC
                           Segal, Harold E.              USMC
                           Self, Larry R.                USN
                           Shackford, Robert W.          USN
                           Shands, Courtney              USN
                           Shaw, Edward O.               USMC
                           Sherrill, Hugh V.             USN
                           Shields, Charles A.           USN
                           Shirley, James A.             USN
                           Shuman, Perry L.              USMC
                           Sigler, Wallace E.            USMC
                           Silber, Sam L.                USN
                           Singer, Arthur, Jr.           USN
                           Sipes, Lester H.              USN
                           Sistrunk, Frank               USN
                           Skon, Warren A.               USN
                           Slack, Albert C.              USN
                           Smith, Armistead B., Jr.      USN
                           Smith, Carl E.                USN
                           Smith, Clinton L.             USN
                           Smith, Daniel F., Jr.         USN
                           *    Smith, John L.                USMC
                           Smith, John M.                USN
                           Smith, Kenneth D.             USN
                           Smith, Nicholas J., III       USN
                           Snider, William N.            USMC
                           Sonner, Irl V., Jr.           USN
                           Southerland, James J., III    USN
                           *    Spears, Harold L.             USMC
                           Spitler, Clyde P.             USN
                           Stanbook, Richard E.          USN
                           Stanley, Gordon A.            USN
                           Starkes, Carlton B.           USN
                           Stebbins, Edgar E.            USN
                           Stewart, James S.             USN
                           *    Stimpson, Charles R.          USN
                           Stokes, John D.               USN
                           Stone, Carl V.                USN
                           Stout, Robert F.              USMC
                           Strane, John R.               USN
                           Strange, Johnnie C.           USN
                           Streig, Frederick J.          USN
                           Sturdevant, Harvey W.         USN
                           Sutherland, John F.           USN
                           *    Swett, James E.               USMC
                           Swinburne, Harry W., Jr.      USN
                           Swope, James S.               USN
                           Symmes, John C. C.            USN
                           Synar, Stanley T.             USMC
                           Taylor, Ray A., Jr.           USN
                           Taylor, Will W.               USN
                           Terrill, Francis A.           USMC
                           Thach, John S.                USN
                           Thelen, Robert H.             USN
                           Thomas, Franklin C., Jr.      USMC
                           Thomas, Robert F.             USN
                           *    Thomas, Wilbur J.             USMC
                           Toaspern, Edward W.           USN
                           Topliff, John W.              USN
                           Torkelson, Ross E.            USN
                           Townsend, Eugene P.           USN
                           Tracey, Fredrick W.           USN
                           Troup, Franklin W.            USN
                           Trowbridge, Eugene A.         USMC
                           Traux, Myron M.               USN
                           Turner, Charles H.            USN
                           Turner, Edward B.             USN
                           Twelves, Wendell V.           USN
                           Ude, Vernon R.                USN
                           Umphfres, Donald E.           USN
                           *    Valencia, Eugene A.           USN
                           Valentine, Herbert J.         USMC
                           Van Der Linden, Peter J., Jr. USN
                           Van Dyke, Rudolph D., Jr.     USN
                           Van Haren, Arthur, Jr.        USN
                           Vedder, Milton N.             USMC
                           Vejtasa, Stanley W.           USN
                           Vineyard, Merriwell W.        USN
                           Vita, Harold E.               USN
                           Voris, Roy M.                 USN
                           Vorse, Albert O., Jr.         USN
                           *    Vraciu, Alexander             USN
                           Wade, Robert                  USMC
                           *    Walsh, Kenneth A.             USMC
                           Ward, Lyttleton T.            USN
                           Warner, Arthur T.             USMC
                           Watson, Jack O.               USN
                           Watts, Charles E.             USN
                           Webb, Wilbur B.               USN
                           Weissenberger, Gregory J.     USMC
                           Wells, Albert P.              USMC
                           Wesolowski, John M.           USN
                           West, Robert G.               USN
                                White, Henry S.               USN
                                Williams, Bruce W.            USN
                                Williams, Gerard M. H.        USMC
                                Wilson, Robert C.             USN
                                Winfield, Murray              USN
                                Winston, Robert A.            USN
                                Winters, Theodore H., Jr.     USN
                                Wirth, John L.                USN
                                Wolf, John T.                 USN
                                Wood, Walter A.               USN
                                Wooley, Millard J.            USN
                                Woolverton, Robert C.         USN
                                Wordell, Malcolm T.           USN
                                Wrenn, George L.              USN
                                Yeremain, Harold              USN
                                Yost, Donald K.               USMC
                                Yunck, Michael R.             USMC
                                Zaeske, Earling W.            USN
                                Zink, John A.                 USN

* Aces with 15 kills or more.
** Unconfirmed as aces in WW-II.
*** Ace status acquired from combined kills of WW-II and Korea.

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