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From: Joel Jacobs
DATE: 8 JUN 2001

These are the BY-LAWS that have been reviewed, and approved by the Board of Directors in a meeting held on 4 JUN 2001. They include all revisions voted upon. The most significant change is that PLANK OWNERS shall be designated as all personnel listed as active members on 19 SEP 2001, the date of the squadron's formal commissioning by RADM P.D. Smith, USN (Ret), ANA's president and CEO.

The next important change is that the role of the chairman has been clarified as only being necessary if filled by a duely qualified candidate. Otherwise it shall be dormant until such candidate is elected.

The final significant change is ARTICLE XV, in which the board is empowered to make whatever changes are necessary, now and in the future, to obtain IRS QUALIFICATION as a Tax Exempt organization.

The other changes were for clarification and/or housekeeping.

Joel Jacobs

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