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After a record eight entries in the prior contest there was a lack of interest in this one with only two entries. This was a step back to the number that had entered our first contest held last year.

I attribute this to most of our members knowing all along it was an SNJ. But the question that Buck Buchanan answered as soon as I showed him the picture was an SNJ - 2. Buck even knew that there were only 61 built and all the plane's specs. Unfortunately, I decided to disqualify Buck as a prior winner to keep the playing field level. In so doing, I left the door open for a persistent entrant. A person who could have won the contest that Buck won had he added the plane's name along with it's designator since it was that close. A second entrant did the same. This time that person came up with irrefutable evidence by submitting a copy of the advertisement of the exact plane in the contest that he found in a local paper.

CAPT Slim Russel, CO of the Golden Pelican Squadron was the source of the 1940 picture of a single, # 58, SNJ -2 along with a whole flightline of SNJ's that I published in the second month of the contest. The tail is the give-away like it was on the Brewster Buccaneer of the prior contest.

Without further adieu, The winner is:

John Magnon who now has a win and a tie for second.

As a matter of policy, I don't identify a planes on which there no entries were received so Plane # 1 remains a mystery.


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