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Reynolds Beckwith, CAPT Gortney, RADM Smith,
Joel Jacobs. Gortney is holding the Squadron's Plaque of Appreciation

Much was said by members and guests about CAPT Gortney's hard hitting speech and visual presentation. It was universaly agreed he did a bang up job in explaining how capable our Naval Air Forces are in prosecuting the various conflicts confronting us. He stressed his pride in the dedicated, hardworking and overall great young crews we have at the pointy end of the spear. The illustrations and graphics were top notch as was the whole presentation. Bravo Zulu, Shortney.

CAPT William E. Gortney, USN
Commander, Carrier Airwing 7

Pat Keane, Betty Haworth, Iain Currie
Carol & Don Hussey; Carol Stewart & JIm; Bob Fraizer

Mariann & Bob Watkins; Caroline & Bill Trillo
Peg Bonan; Bill Grortney; Dianne Gosselin & Mike Welby

Bill Moffit; V Johansen, Ang Santoro & Jake Lundin
Junia Moffit; Margaret, Buck & J. McCarney; Dick & Ruth Stew. Male veterans of WW 2's Pacific War.

RADM P.D. Smith; Julie Jacobs, Joel Jacobs
Displaying squadron plaque of appreciation

Reg Myers; Lois & John Magnon, Snead & Chilstrom
Lee Myers, Lee Resnik; Bette & Swoose; Ruth & Ken

Ron Kennedy; Ann Ganzel & Chuck Stark; Ruth Schmid
Dorie Kennedy; Bob & Judy Colvin; Ray Schmidt

Corky Meyer; Joel & Julie Jacobs; Garry Murphy
Fran Knoizen; Joe Millsaps & Julie Muller